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About Henia Danielle

The Hania Danielle brand was founded in 2022 by Danielle Goren - a designer and makeup artist. The intersection of the world of makeup and design in her life with the world of jewelry is expressed in every piece. All items are handcrafted with attention to the smallest details.

Every jewelry creation is a wonderful journey of manifestation; from the spark of an idea, through initial sketch drawings, to advanced design stages. It's a complex and refined process, requiring endless patience and attention to every detail. The purpose of this journey is to create for you a perfect piece of jewelry, combining maximum precision, aesthetic perfection, and inimitable uniqueness. Each piece of jewelry is a connection between nature and human, between gold, gemstones, and eternal diamonds, to the elite art of design and goldsmithing, combining ancient tradition with contemporary innovation.

Our choice of jewelry reflects our true essence. They embody our preferences, our deep emotions, and our life story. The meanings embedded in our jewelry choices reveal our personality and allow us to express the most complete and authentic version of ourselves.

all jewelry is handmade. They are made of yellow, white, or red gold. Set with diamonds, gemstones, and enamel, and selected by us with attention to perfect finishing and the smallest details - as befitting the precious treasures they are."